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Will Rives arrowed this amazing buck in Mississippi, a state not known for producing great bucks. It gross scores 198 4/8 and will net about 177, making it the new state record bowkill.

This potential Iowa state record typical buck was reportedly shot near Dunlap, Iowa. At first it was reported as a possible new state record bowkill but by the pic it look scertain that it was probably a gun kill.

Here are two more huge witetail bucks that are said to be contending for the state record in their respective states. I am a little bit skeptical of the Iowa buck since it has 11 points and as a typical that sixth point on the right will have to count as a deduction. This is an amazing buck and I do not doubt that it is a buck that will score in the neighborhood of 200 typical as reported, but I suspect that is a gross score not a net score. I know very little about this buck, but it is an amazing specimen.

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